A. Nutritional Counseling
We will look over a person’s health history to help determine what nutritional deficiencies may exist and suggest supplements and nutritional ideas accordingly.

B. Medical massage therapy
These techniques are designed to get to the cause of the pain and correct muscles that may be out of place.

C. Scandinavian Mobilization Therapy
This is a “soft hand” technique that helps get to the root of muscle and ligament pain in the body.

D. CranioSacral Technique
A very light touch technique that helps the muscles rearrange themselves into a healthier configuration.

E. Myofascial Release
A technique used to loosen the connective tissues of the body

F. Muscle Channel Massage Technique
This therapy is based loosely on the meridians of Chinese Medicine to move electro-magnetic energy through the body to help the it to overcome pain.

G. Spinal Touch
A light touch technique to help the body convince itself that it needs to move itself into a more healthy position