The Philosophy of Healing

Taken from a lecture by Dr. Daniel Nuzum.

In Monastic Medicine, there are four priciples that must observed in order for Healing to take place.

Principle #1–Disorder and Dysfunction are caused by 1 or more of the following factors

  1. Irritaion–Can be anything that causes trauma to the body on any level
  2. Inflammation–The body’s response to trauma
  3. Infection–An inflamed body is a breeding ground for infection.
  4. Degeneration–The final stage of the disease process that cannot be halted outside an act of God or a healing protocol that addresses each of the three previous componenets (the three I’s).

Principle #2–The body has one of two different responses to the three I’s

The responses are adaptation or accomodation (acceptance). When the body adapts and overcomes any of the three I’s, it becomes stronger and more capable of dealing with these things in the future. When the body accomodates any of the three I’s, it is overrun by these things and they take control of the body’s physiology.

Principle #3–The course of the healing process must be observed in sequence for healing to occur.

  1. Stabilize
  2. Detoxify
  3. Fortify
  4. Maintenance

Healing only begins when the patient is stable, and the patient cannot stay stable if they do not progress into detoxification, e.g. no dirty wound can heal, no toxic body can recover. Once the patient has detoxified, they must fortify and rebuild their system. Once the system has regained strength, they must stay the course of maintenance that will maintain their recovery.

Pricnciple #4–Diligent maintenance of the healing process os of utmost importance.

You are either healing or getting sick–there is no in between. You must continue the work in order to maintain what you have achieved.

We derive these principles from the process of salvation. First one must come to Christ and He then stablizes your spiritual state by changing your legal status from guilty to not guilty–you get “fire insurance” and do not have to go to Hell anymore. Second, as the Holy Spirit enters the believer, the process of detoxification occurs as the old things pass away and everything becomes new. This part of the process is almost always dependent on our surrender to the Holy Spirit and His process. Third, as the believer walks with God and communes with Christ in their new life ALL things are continually made new by Christ as He rebuilds your life. Fourth, as the believer grows in Christ, they are sent out as Apostles to the world. This is the maintenance phase–maintaining the sacred trust between us and our Lord, by guiding others through the same process.