Toxic Substances Control Act, is the Government Really Protecting us?

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You can’t swallow, use, or consume a product these days without being exposed to a barrage of toxic chemicals.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is speaking out. In their article, “Updating the Toxic Substances Control Act to Protect Human Health,” they warn, “Increasing evidence from laboratory and human studies shows that synthetic chemicals contribute to disease and dysfunction across the life course. Of particular emerging concern is the disruption of the hormonal process that has been found to be associated with increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, neuro-developmental disabilities, infertility, and breast and prostate cancers.”

“Approximately 85, 000 or more synthetic chemicals are now approved for widespread use in the United States, with more than 600 new chemicals approved by the EPA each year.”

Who is in charge of regulating this shower of chemicals?!? The Toxic Substance Control Act.

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is a law that was put into place in 1976. It hasn’t been updated in 40 years! Imagine your iPhone not being updated in 40 years. . .

It’s not a good law. . . now. Nearly 60,000 chemicals have been “grandfathered in” since the act’s passage. . . which is a sneaky way of saying they’re exempt from being regulated. Many of these chemicals are now masquerading as “multi-vitamins!”  The New York Times reported that, “In reality, however, most of the vitamins in our diets are synthetic additions, whether they’re in obviously fortified products like breakfast cereals, or hiding in plain sight.”

A massive threat to public health, the Times showed why nobody is regulating, “they were free to make claims about the benefits without acknowledging why the addition of synthetic vitamins was necessary to begin with. And once they began to recognize the enormous profits that synthetic vitamins could help them achieve, they never looked back.” Multi-vitamin users are being poisoned.

“Even if there are only 500 potentially hazardous substances among the thousands of chemicals already in use that lack toxicity testing data, it would take 100 years to complete their review,” says JAMA.

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